Life goes on – The Lockdown Project

After initially having been pretty disheartened after having to ‘shut shop’ so quickly after opening my business doors, I have decided to put my time to what is hopefully good use by offering photographs from people’s doorsteps. A lovely way for me to get out and stretch my creative legs and get the camera working again and hopefully a chance to offer some lasting memories of this time in Lockdown for my customers.

I have had the pleasure already of meeting people I wouldn’t have met and been able to capture some lovely pictures for them and for me to help me remember this time as well.

I was also thrilled to be approached by Petersfield Radio to be interviewed for their podcast The P pod. Although I won’t be going in to a media career anytime soon, if you want to take a listen here is a link to their podcast! I’m on at 13:50mins.

If you’re interested in a Lockdown photography session please do get in touch

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